The DISC Assessment

Leading from your strengths

This assessment is designed to help you and your team leverage your strengths and differences to maximize productivity and profitability! It is built on the DISC Profile which centers around four key personality traits called Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, and Conscientiousness which are inherent to all of us in varying degrees.

Do you know your own strength?

The Leading From Your Strengths Assessment is a 21-page word picture of your strengths. We have created over 19,860 unique profiles, which are fully interpreted and delivered instantly to you.

Our objective is to empower today’s leaders to see a greater levels of health, productivity and influence both at home and at work.


  • Increased self-awareness & emotional intelligence for executives, managers and team members.
  • Learn how to better understand the buying decisions and motivations of clients.
  • Understand you preferred selling style based on type, as well as how to grow into other adaptive styles based on the situation.
  • Enjoy smoother, more empathic relationships. 
  • Increase your ability to handle and manage conflict.
  • Connect with your preferred communication style, understand the styles of others and how to more effectively communicate.
  • Learn how to more effectively influence, motivate and engage others.

Course curriculum

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    • Leading from your Strengths