Empower your leaders with tools to unlock and reach their full potential.

In an era of information overload, today’s business leaders face the challenge of staying on top of the latest trends and best practices. Combined with the greatest generational leadership transition that America has ever seen, it’s understandable that your team feels overwhelmed and uncertain.

Leader readiness is crucial to the long-term health, growth, and profitability of your company. That's why we have developed a highly applicable, relevant, and engaging leadership experience that will significantly uplevel your current and future leaders. With decades of combined experience, we're confident in our ability to successfully equip your team with the skills and knowledge needed to survive (and thrive) as leaders. Don't let the challenges of today's business landscape hold you back. Let us help you take your leadership to the next level.

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What’s your vision for your organization one year from now?

Breakthrough is possible. Get the blueprint for accelerated growth.

Who is Next Level Leader™ for?

Our accelerated 12-month program empowers executives, managers, and leaders of all experience levels with the tools and frameworks needed to lead confidently and with purpose.

  • Executive leaders and team members who have been identified as “Top Talent” and are thus critical for the future of your organization.

  • Rising or growing leaders who are seeking to increase their overall skills in self-awareness, empathy, communication, problem-solving, time management, and productivity.

  • CEOs and Executives who recognize they need the latest tools, frameworks, and content in order to stay relevant and engaged in the coming years.

  • Stuck team leaders and rising employees who need new tools and frameworks to increase their ability to move up in your company.

So much can change in a single year

We overestimate what can be achieved in one day, but underestimate what can be achieved in an entire year. Through its structured 12-month format, Next Level Leader™ is designed to put your leaders on the fast track to long-lasting success. In this program, your team will:

  • Learn and implement 12 Leadership Essentials to help them achieve their hopes, goals, and dreams.

  • Receive an honest assessment of any old or unhelpful behaviors, perspectives, and practices that are holding them back from achieving their goals.

  • Understand and embrace new perspectives, frameworks, and tools to be as relevant, effective, and influential now and in the future.

  • Gain experience with communication tools for more honest and empathetic conversations, faster conflict resolutions, and the ability to hold others accountable.

  • Discover timeless productivity and time management techniques to help break through overwhelm, uncertainty, and lack of motivation—for themselves or others.

  • Learn from others’ experiences and gain insights only found in a space of like-minded community.

  • Leave with a clear and concrete Go Forward Developmental Plan to ensure each person continues on their newfound trajectory.

Our Signature Approach

For us, coaching isn’t a formula — we listen well to your team and then put a customized plan in place. We take a holistic approach to leadership development. That’s why the program isn’t just about theory, but also about practical application.

  • Applicable and actionable learning

    We focus on real-world applications and case studies to ensure your team gains practical experience.

  • Mentorship and peer support

    Your team will gain access to like-minded mentors and peers who will provide guidance and support throughout the program.

  • Results-driven focus

    Our program is designed to help your team achieve measurable results in their leadership development.

12 Months, 12 Essential Leadership Frameworks

Our curriculum is based on the latest and most effective tools and frameworks in business leadership today. Here’s a monthly breakdown of each 4-week sprint: 

  1. Self-Awareness: An Introduction to Self (Enneagram)
  2. Executive Presence: Establishing Your Leadership Identity
  3. Self-Leadership: Regulation, Awareness, and Vision
  4. Empathy and EQ: Establishing Influence Through Caring
  5. The Art of Communication: How to Be Heard (and hear others)
  6. Conflict- Resolution: Clarity, Unity and Repair in Relationships
  7. Effective Time Management: Efficiency, Rest and Productivity
  8. Setting Priorities: Goal-setting, Strategy and Delegation
  9. Develop your Leaderbox: Simple Tools, Significant Results
  10. Anticipate Trouble: The Resilient Leader.
  11. Leading Change: A Framework to Turn the Ship.
  12. Developing Others: The Heart (and Skill) of a True Leader.

Throughout the program, your team will have the opportunity to put theory into practice through real-world case studies, team projects, and simulations. They will also receive personalized coaching and feedback from our experienced team of facilitators.

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Monthly Investment

  • The Next Level Leader™ Program

    The Next Level Leader™ Program A tailored, high-touch experience that guides your team through the 12 Leadership Essentials. The program is focused on applicability and implementation. It holds your team accountable to their own growth and transformation. 12 x 4-week sprints that explore the 12 Leadership Essentials, 2 x 1-hour calls per month with one of our Certified Coaches, Weekly engagement, Tailored, high-touch coaching experience, Ongoing support & accountability, Like-minded community of participants. $500 USD per month

  • The #1 Leaders Learning Toolkit

    The #1 Leaders Learning Toolkit Each of the 12 Leadership Essentials connects to an applicable tool, thus allowing for real-time implementation and feedback. Your team will internalize the learnings and practice putting them into action. Instant access to all 12 applicable tools that complement the Next Level Leader™ program All templates, videos, and primary Five Capitals assessments from Anywhere, our signature leaders’ toolkit We’re constantly updating Anywhere to bring you the latest and greatest tools designed to help you grow your business. $50 USD per month


  • I’m applying independently. Is this something I can use my company’s professional development fund for?

    Absolutely, many companies provide their employees with a personal development budget that the employee (emerging leader) never knows to ask about. If your company provides this type of funding for your development, it is worth asking for those funds to be used to develop your Leadership acumen.

  • Where do the sessions take place?

    Our cohort is designed with you and your busy schedule in mind. We meet twice a month online in a virtual zoom call for one hour every other week. Between meetings, over the two week period, we assign homework and additional learning materials through our signature, online learning "Five Capitals Anywhere" portal. We use Five Capitals Anywhere as a a supplemental and supportive toolkit to the things we share in the sessions. You can count on about 60-90 minutes of video led content between sessions every other week.

  • How comfortable do participants have to be with technology to enroll in this program?

    Our staff will work with you on the two components of technology that you will need to participate in the Next Level Leader Cohort. You will need to be able to access zoom on your computer and be able to click the link we provide for each session. You will also need to have access to our online learning portal "Five Capitals Anywhere" to receive the additional self led training provided by us in between sessions. Both are very simple to use and our trainers will help you get connected with both.

  • How long do participants have access to the materials taught in the program?

    You will have access to the materials for as long as you stay signed up on the Five Capitals Anywhere portal. This is required for the year that you are part of the Next Level Leader Cohort but can easily be continued to provide access to existing content along with the abundance of new content and courses being added weekly to the site.

Real impact and results

Here's what leaders have to say about our framework.

"I started coaching to get greater clarity on the purpose of my business. Where I previously felt confused and frustrated, I now feel joy, peace and focus. Although my business was my primary reason for the coaching, I have also seen tremendous progress in my spiritual and relational (family/marriage) health." | Krissy Little, Procter & Gamble

“Every success story is a tale of constant adaptation, revision and change."

Equip your team with the essential tools, frameworks, and support to be the best leaders for your business—now and in the future.