About the course

Everyone needs encouragement and accountability to thrive. This seven video series explores growing the health of your relationships, leadership skills and personal influence. You’ll engage with leadership tools and frameworks to help bring out the best in both yourself and others. Use the included workbook to help you contextualize and apply the concepts to both you as a leader as well as your organization.
A Course Preview and Cover of The Prioritized Leader - People Module

Assignment Content

  • 1

    Module 2 - People

    • Introduction

    • Session 1: Taking Ownership

    • Session 2: Frameworks for Finding and Retaining the Right People

    • Session 3: Calibrating Invitation/Challenge to Bring out the Best in Others

    • Session 4: Owning & Assessing My Weaknesses

    • Session 5: Walking it Out - Opportunities for Growth

    • Session 6: Implementation Ideas & Best Practices

    • Session 7: Discussing with Others, Wrap-up & Next Steps